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    I recently washed my Nokia 3585i cell phone and so far I can't get it working again. I am hoping that someone out there might be able to tell me what my options are. I would really like to get this phone working again, but I am not sure that is possible. The other thing that I was thinking about doing is buying a phone off of Ebay and then having it programmed with my information. My cell phone provider is Cal North Cellular and I have noticed on Ebay that most of the phones are provider specific so I am also wondering if I can reprogram the cell phone from a different provider to my provider? Thank you for your help.

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    About washing cell phones>> u are a ........ guy.. anyway put ur cell phone (without teh outer shell) in between thick cotton cloths and iron it with a regular iron and offcourse without steam. let it dry by normal fan.. dot it for 10-15 times and keep the phone switched of for 2-3 days and may be it will help. it worked for me .

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