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    Hi: I am trying to transfer ringtones to this phone using a PC cable. From the various postings here, it seems like I need a software called Diego to do this (haven't been able to find this program yet). I have also tried using a WAP web based transfer without success (freeringers.net). Does anybody know what restrictions verizon (or Nokia) has on the ringtones (file format, size, etc.). I guess my question is: short of buing the ringtones from verizon, has anybody had any success with any method of transferring your own music files onto the phone to be used as a ringtone.

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    i would really like to know about transfers with this phone also ... my first and current phone is an audiovox cdm8910 which is INSANELY difficult to transfer ringtones to ... i just want something better ... anybody have any info?

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    I don't have the data cable but i have a dell axim pocket pc that connects to my computer.the pocket pc has infer red and so does the 6235i it works great i can send ring tones and pictures and more from one to the other and back.

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    Depending on your service provider you might be able to send pics and ringtones to your phone as an email attatchment for the price of an incoming MMS. Some providers require you to send an MMS before you can receive them on your phone.

    Download the ringtone/pic to your computer. Then send the ringer/pic as an email attatchment from your email account (yahoo, hotmail, etc) to your phone email #. Once in the phone assign the pic/ringer where you want it. No data cable needed. Also, the incoming MMS is usually free or very inexpensive.

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