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    i have a problem with my 6600, i personaly think it's a symbian virus cuz it appeared right after i installed some software on it..
    the problem is with the message reports...sometimes i recieve regular reports(a window appears for 3 seconds and with no sound), but most of the times it rings as if i recieve a message and it doesen't show anything on the screen...and when i restart my phone i recieve all the "restant" confirmations one after another..
    Has anyone ever had this problem before?what do you recomend i should do?

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    Since it happened just after you installed the software it sounds like it could of messed things up a bit.
    Try the format steps in that thread, But make sure you read all the instrucions. And have you're battery fully charged.

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    Format your phone as well as your MMC.
    And don't go in for that software again.
    Install an anti-virus software and then you will not have any problems.

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