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    I just got my Nokia 6102 and I was wondering how long I have to charge it for the first time. I heard that if you don't charge it enough initially then the battery will never get to its full power. How do I know how long to charge it?

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    What they are talking about is, that you dont remove it or turn it on and use it before the initial full charge,it makes what is refered to as a memory in the battery, it is a thing where the battery only charges up to the point that it was turned on, the first time, most of the time it takes a while to put a mamory, it really depends on your state of charge originally, mine had a small charge already on it and only charged for about 6 hours, the charger cuts it self off, on the one I have, it has a small red led, after that it goes into the trickle charge, and that wont hurt your battery, if you leave it on a little longer.To ensure long run time try and run the battery down as far as you can then charge it, but that doesnt always work..........an extra battery works well to preserve the batteries, with being able to swap it out and fully charge when the battery is empty.

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    A couple hours after the charge indication quits and you know its done. Leave phone off. Occasionally run it down and repeate this operation to maintain battery life. Or if moneys not an object do whatever you want.

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