The refurbished Nokia 2600 by tracfone is a great phone, with very useful spreadsheet, keyguard lock, reminder etc.. Nokia launched it for professionals and serious users, it dosn't have many 'extras' but it works perfectly for what cell phones were made to do, make calls on the move!

Models are there with Camera, bluetooth..for those interested. I am a happy user by its cost effective features, it cost me less than $40, and It weighs less than most phones and the battery lasts extremly long times without charging. It rings well, Hands free, SMS, managing spreadsheet, convert, waking up and Reminds well. So that it's a fine phone, which I was searching long - Sure its outstanding for its class.

Moving on to tracfone, my experience using tracfone was very good. Coverage and connections were not a problem. TracFone has established reseller agreements with the nation’s leading network carriers giving it the nation’s largest digital coverage area in the prepaid industry with a local phone number in every county in the U.S.

If you are 'online savvy' you can get free minutes using tracfones 'refer-a-friend' program in which they offer the refferer and refferee both 100 free minutes..its very easy to find new users as usually when they get the phone in it is a pamphlet telling people to search online looking for the 100 minute promo, if you want you can e-mail me at [email protected] [three_J_] and i will send you the promo e-mail for 100 free minutes.


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