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    Does the memory of a sim card influence the battery life of a cell phone. I have an old 16k SIM card and was wondering if an upgrade of my SIM card would increase my phone's battery life. (I have a samsung D600)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I doubt it... you might want to get the larger sim card cause it can hold more stuff for you..... Your battery if it is over a year old tends to loose it's ability to hold a charge as well as it used to when it was newer.... Charging and recharging over time wears them out...

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    Even when you purchase the phone your meant to charge it for a couple of hours, 16 hours etc, varies on different phone, if you do not charge em according to the manual on the first time then they can have a pretty crap battery life
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    Re: SIM Card query

    Continuously 'topping off' a partially discharged battery shortens it's life. In battery lingo, this is called 'memory'. Try letting the battery go completely dead and then re-charge for the full time (16-24hrs). This is called 'deep charging'. Do this a couple of times and your battery will love you for it.
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