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    Two questions.
    First. I see that recently there was a thread concerning which cell phone is the best. Nobody even mentioned the Nokia 3300 b. I admit it is a little big and bulky. But, it has the sd/mmc card support, very acceptable mp3 playback, good reception, and its cheep. Is this just an overlooked gem, or am I missing something ?
    Second. I want to buy an inexoensive phone for the wife, ebay is not listing anything I like, any ideas ?

    Thanks !!

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    Re: questions from a newbie

    Sure it's an ok phone, but it's also an older phone that when it hits it's end of life with the carriers that have it, will not be supported (as in replaced if they no longer have any).

    When you say you want an inexpensive phone, what do YOU mean in dollars and cents?

    If you only want to look at phones that are under $50, and you want new, you'll have to look at the prepaid phones that are being offered by the different carriers.

    If you are looking for phones under $200 you'll have a larger range of phone options, new and used.

    So what is you wife looking for? A phone to use as a phone? Or a device that's a wannabe text messaging PDA/Ipod that looks cute and sparkles and can also be used as a phone?

    Hey it matters what she wants because she's the one that going to have to hold it to her head when using it.

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    Re: questions from a newbie

    BlkBear1 is right, with that information nobody can really recommend anything..
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    Re: questions from a newbie

    Wow. I got two decent phones for free when I signed up with Cingular, and then recently got them upgraded for $18 each to 6061's.

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