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    My phone will not turn on for the life of me. I'd to take it in to the cell company and be without a phone for a week or two. any suggestions? thanks in advance!

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    Try taking out the battery for a few minutes. You'd be suprised what this can solve. When you put it back in make sure it is seated properly.
    Many nokias use the same battery and charger. If you have access to another nokia battery and charger try those.
    If it is an inexpensive phone and you want something else, you can get another phone for inexpensive and put your SIM card into it and it will work great. Just make sure the phone is unlocked or "branded" as the same company as your current service provider. Also, make sure it uses GSM 850 and 1900 bands like your current nokia does, if you are using it in the US. You can get cheap phones off ebay, or a prepaid phone from your current company would work as well. Who do you use, BTW?
    Many phones are under warrenty for the first year. Take it back to your provider. If you need a replacement during a repair, maybe borrow a phone and put your SIM in it. Follw the above advice for finding a compatable phone.

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