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    Hi im woundering if you can use a sim card in a prepaid N-gage and not have to use it as a prepaid phone? I have T-mobile and was woundering if my sim would work in it.
    Also if anyone is selling a N-gage plz let me know
    Thank you

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    Re: N-gage ???

    If it is unlocked or tmobile branded then any tmobile SIM will work in it. If it is a prepaid SIM then it will deduct minutes from your pepaid plan. If it is a postpaid SIM then it will work with your postpaid account.

    On another note, make sure you know what Ngage you are buying. Some only operate on GSM 1900 in the US. This would be fine for tmobile prepaid. But for a contract tmobile SIM make sure it has GSM 850 and 1900 for use in the US.

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    Re: N-gage ???

    o_o god, things can sometimes be so confusing..

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