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    I've downloaded and TRIED to install the PC Suite numerous times - always with the same result: A series of "1904" errors, each of them saying that a particular dll file "failed to register". "Retry" does nothing but give me the message over and over again. "Ignore" brings up more and more of the error messages, each with its own dll filename that failed to register.

    If I choose the "Ignore" route, it eventually tells me that the PC Suite is installed - but I can't open it or use it (another error message). Worse still, in Windows Explorer I now have a "Nokia Phone Browser" listed that won't open, nor can I get rid of it...so I can't even just use Explorer to do some basic file transfers to my 6255i.

    I've also downloaded and tried the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner - it didn't accomplish anything.

    Any suggestions would be VERY welcomed!

    See More: Trouble w/ Nokia PC Suite installation - help!
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