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    Can someone please help me!

    I have an old Nokia software in my PC that I installed in 2004. I now have a Nokia N70 and when I go to delete the old Nokia program from my computer...it just totally refuses to DELETE from the "delete programs" section. Am not too computer literate - so I tried going into the PROGRAMS files where the initial program was stored and from there I tried to delete the program and the following message says that it can't be deleted due to this file:


    So I really don't know how to fix this problem because the software for my Nokia N70 cannot function unless I delete the OLD Nokia program. Also, when I try to connect the phone by USB to my PC - the hardware is not recognised - I assume this is due to the fact that I cannot delete the OLD Nokia software.

    Please can someone HELP me!
    Thank you for you time,


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    Re: Cannot delete OLD Nokia Program! Please HELP

    Quick word of advice, when a program wont uninstall never go and try and delete it from the program files, only make things worse for ya.

    But about your problem, When PC Suite is installed it runs a few programs in the backround, in the system tray, so try and close them and try uninstall again, and if that doesnt work, put your comp in safe mode(press F8 when the comp is starting up) and uninstall from there.

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