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    G'day all, I need your help.

    I'm trying to send a 1.2mg video clip through MMS to a friend, however, my phone (a Nokia 6230) says the limit is 1069kB. So my question is this: how can I either a). edit the video to shrink it below 1069kB, or b). increase the limit of my MMS?

    I doubt I'll be able to increase the limit as it's probably a network thing, so, could someone please help me with how to edit the video. I can't find anything on the net or on these boards regarding doing this, and I don't think the 6230 is capable of it, so should I just send it to my PC, use an editing tool (which one?) and send it back? I'm a bit pressed for time, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And in case it matters, I'm in Australia.

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    Re: Help editing video clips on a 6230

    Yup. Just edit it on your pc.

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