I had a look at the Nokia E60 in the market and was trying to see if it has the same problem as what I had with my Nokia 6280.

First the problem with 6280
I had bought a Nokia 6280 and the problem I had was that in the address book I have the option to organize the contach by first name first or last name first, but if I organize the list by putting first name first then I can search for a contact by first name only and vise-a-versa i.e. if I organize the contacts by last name first then I can search by last name only. If the phone book is organized with first name first and then I search by the last name of the contact (I dont remember the first name) then the phone book does not display the name. Infact generally I think even if we put a part of the name of the contact then the phone book should display the name of the contact, this happens in microsoft outlook. for eg. in Outlook if the name of a person is stored by gaurav jain and I search for "rav" only then the phone book diplays the name of all the contacts having "rav" in them.

Question to Nokia E60 users
is it possible to search for a contact by the first name or last name or part of the name irrespective of the way the name is set to be displayed in the view settings.

Hoping for a reply to my post from anyone who has been using a E60 Nokia.

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