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    Hello there, i'm here hoping someone can help me with some facts that'll help me decide if I want to buy a SE W900 or Nokia N91.

    I imagine that I'll be using the phone mostly for musics and videos, more than anything else. the 4GB mem in N91 is REAL appealing but...its battery-talk duration is like 3.5-4hrs compared to W900's 7hrs duration...does that mean the mp3 player on N91 would last only 4 hrs or less if I listen to music with it? Cuz I have no idea how much battery it'd consume compared to calling.

    Ignoring all the fancy functions that I might not use so frequently (like GPS), which one of N91 or W900 would you think would suit me better as a multimedia phone?

    repuation and looks matter too


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    Re: mp3 playing duration?

    That's a hard question for me to answer. I'll leave it to these guys to decide for you!


    Mobile-review.com Review GSM phone Sony Ericsson W900i


    Mobile-review.com Review GSM/UMTS smartphone Nokia N91

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: mp3 playing duration?

    The N91 actually has up to 10 hrs of music play time.

    For music playback and sound quality, I'd go for the W900. But if would want to watch videos, the W900 can play Quicktime 3gp. However, the N91 has Symbian OS, so you can install apps like a video player that plays certain formats for the phone. Of course its hard to match SE's W series sound quality, but the N91 sounds just as good as the W900. Also, for looks it depends on what you prefer to make it stand out of the rest. I like the swivel look over the slider, but the N91 looks so damn nice. Hard choice...but I'd go for the N91 just because it has Symbian hands down. If you can afford, why not get both

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    Re: mp3 playing duration?

    hehe thanks a lot guys~

    I've decided on N91...a couple features I looked over before...like complete metal casing, and WIFI compatibility...a lot more worth it IMO

    the 4GB is hard to pass too

    now i gotta read up on how to use Nokia OS...

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