I want to create a voice comment line on my PC so that people to call and leave voice comments that I can play on my podcast. Can somebody pleaes advise on how I can go around this with the least amount of money possible?

I want to use a cell phone for this, for obvious reasons (don't have to install a fixed line, costs, etc)

The way I'd like to go about this is plug the phone via a data cable into my PC's serial or USB port (whatever the data cable supports), run software that would answer the incoming call, play a greeting and record the message the caller leaves in a suitable file format.

Let me just mention that I don't want to use existing commercial voicemail to e-mail services since none of these exist in South Africa and I need a local number and so my only option is to purchase a prepaid SIM card.

I want to use an entry level phone like a Nokia 5110, 1100 or any other phone that has the ability to plug into a PC via a data cable.

Could somebody please advise on software that would do this as well as other info I might require? I would not mind having the software receive SMS messages, but it isn't a requirement.

Thanks in advance.

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