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    Hi all I am new to this cell stuff so if i could get a little help i would appreciate it.

    Booger is a nickname from work incase anyone was wondering about that.I am located in kentucky so i will probably be going with cingular.

    I live in owensboro but i work in a fairly rural area.Some of the folks up there have swithced to nokias just for the reception issue.The flip phones and such do not pick up as good as the nokias and such.

    I would like to get some input on some phones if you folks dont care to help me out.Here is some stuff i would like to have.

    1.Good reception


    3.Be able to get real music ringtones not sure what these are called.Not really interested in the elavator type of ring tones jsut the stuff that sounds real.(this is not worth giving up the first 2 for though).

    4.Some easy info sharing.
    thanks for any help

    See More: A basic nokia that can have real music ringtones?

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    Re: A basic nokia that can have real music ringtones?

    I recommend the Nokia 6030, it has music ringtones with good reception. I have actually held it in my hand and it seems really durable. Check it out here: Nokia 6030 Specs & Features (Phone Scoop)

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