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    I've just bought 4 month old 7610 from ebay, seller seems genuine and reliable and says the phone is in 100% working order and unlocked.
    I got it this morning, put in my PAYG sim, and the provided 64mb memory, tried to charge it but all that happens is I get 5 secs of white screen that says 'Nokia', then 5 secs of charging, then it turns itself off. Help???

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    Re: Help Nokia 7610 - Charging?

    Is the phone off when you started charging it? Does it turn on after you did that? That might be natural on some of the Nokia phones...give more detailed info, then we can see what's up.

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    Re: Help Nokia 7610 - Charging?

    Just plug it in and walk away. Check it after a couple of hours.My nokia does somewhat the same thing, but a bit later it is all charged up.

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