I have the nokia 6235i phone with quite a number of downloaded ring tones in memory. The problem is, I don't have the option to assign these tones to indiviual contacts, just the make the ringers my "general" ringer for when anyone calls.

I can only assign the stupid cheesy ringers that came on the phone to indivual contacts. Why is this?

I even have a cable to connect my phone to the computer (along with the nokia pc suite) and cannot even find the folder with these corny original ring tones inside. If I were able to find this folder, I could simply move custom ring tones over, then being able to assign them to individual contacts.

My only thought is that these generic ringtones (as well as their parent folder) are on a external flash card that wont come up as phone memory when connected to my pc. Does this phone have a external memory card (I was under the assumption it does) that I could take out and put my ringers on?

Any help would be appreciated. I just think that this is a very poor flaw, not being able to assign my downloaded ringers to individual contacts. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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