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    Hey everyone. I am an ATT customer which obviously has switched to cingular. I also have an ATT sim card. I finally am ready to get a new phone, and the 7270 looks really cool. I was ordering the phone on ebay but then I saw the seller state, "Please note that in some areas AT&T and Cingular services don't work with Tri Band phones (900 / 1800 / 1900) so please contact your service provider and make sure the phone is okay with your service before making your purchase." This got me a little confused. I am located in california, zip: 91362, and am confused if this phone will work? The link for the auction is below, please let me know if I will be able to use this phone here in CA. Thanks so much!!



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    Re: Nokia 7270 with Cingular. Att??

    What the seller was trying to state is that ATT/Cingular, and even T-Mobile, mainly use 850 Mhz. In some areas you might be able to get away with just 1900Mhz (which will be patchy at best), but to get the best call reception you are going to need both 850 & 1900. If you see a phone that uses 900Mhz, that is mainly used for overseas. Yes, the phone is unlocked (and nice looking), and that you can use your given sim card on it, it will recognize it. But it becomes a pain when the majority of people you are going to talk to keep on saying to you to repaeat yourself because you keep breaking up. Try looking for one that uses triband 850/1800/1900 or quadband. The 6260 offers 850 on some models. I also know that the 6170 also offers 850 on some as well.

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    Re: Nokia 7270 with Cingular. Att??

    ^^^ For the most part, the previous post was correct. Without the 850mhz GSM band, your coverage will leave much to be desired. The phone might not get any coverage at all, depending on which frequencies Cingular uses in your area (probably 850mhz as they do in my area).

    T-Mobile only uses 850mhz for roaming, meaning their entire network is built upon the 1900mhz band. However, if you decided to go with T-Mobile you would have to keep in mind you will have little or no roaming coverage, so you'd better make sure T-Mobile has SOLID coverage in your area. I still wouldn't recommend it, just because I've heard way too many unhappy complaints from people with European tri-bands in the US.

    At the very least, a GSM phone in the USA needs 850/1900mhz to work in all areas. The 900/1800mhz bands are for Europe and Asia, basically the rest of the world, but not us. Sorry!

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