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    does any one have firmware 5.64.0 for nokia 6600

    i just saw somewher in net that 6600 has 5.64.0 as latest firmware and anyone help me on that

    i have problem with wap services thers is a continious connectivity problem in 6600 with firmware 5.53.0 is there any solution for this bug tried in nokia service center but of no use

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    Re: 6600 Firmware update???

    Hello, welcome to the forums! You're not going to get an answer to your questions by posting at the end of someone else's thread, especially if the thread has nothing to do with your question. I've moved your posts to a new thread, and merged them for you. Next time, instead of making 3 posts, you can use the Edit button to add your additional comments to the first post. Hope this helps, now you're in the Nokia forum where your questions can get noticed by people who might know.

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    Re: 6600 Firmware update???

    You wont be able install it yourself, unless ya have the right (expensive) hardware, bring the phone to a nokia centre, should be one near ya, and they'll flash the phone with new s/w for ya.

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