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    About 1 month ago I dropped my phone in the toilet. :/ yeah andd I disassembled it and let it dry for a week. Assembled it up and it failed to turn on. I left it thinking theirs no point and I bought a new phone using the same smart chip. but recently I was bored so I decided to check it out again.

    I put in a new battery and my smart chip in [the same one I had when it got dropped in the toilet] It came right on. It asked to put the time and I did. Than it said "Insert smart chip" but the chip was already in. So the phone works, the chip works but I guess my phone just can't recognize any smartchip. Than i took it out and redid the whole thing and now it says "Enter restriction code:"

    -__- Is their any hope? Where do i get the restriction code?

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    Re: Nokia 6102 phone not recognizing chip

    By default, it's 12345 if that's what you're asking for. If it's for PUK code, contact your service provider.

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    Re: Nokia 6102 phone not recognizing chip

    That same thing happened to me about a week ago. I had no bars, it said I could only make emergency calls, and at one point, the screen turned white and then shut itself off. I have no idea why. But it started working when I took out the battery and brushed some dust off it, and made sure the chip was in there. I turned it on and everything was back to normal. I'm not sure why fiddling with the battery fixed it, but it did...

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