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    I just purchased a nokia 6015i usb data cable and i dont know what the problem with it is. It fits perfectly in my phone but when i hook it up to the hard drive there is no folder were i can put my images or ringtones etc to upload to my phone.

    If anyone can help me out with this problem it would be really great thanks

    And also is there any programs out there that you can just make ringtones and send them through usb??

    thanks again

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    Re: nokia usb cable help

    it sounds like you need to download the nokia pc suite
    try getting it here: PC Applications for Nokia Phones
    that should fix the first problem you are having.

    as for making the ringtones, your best bet will probably be to download an audio editor, such as audacity, and make clips from songs and save those clips and send to your phone via pc suite

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