Would really appreciate your input.

I'm looking for a specific software program. If youíve ever seen anything like this or close to it!??!

Basically the program is a dialer that uses a dedicated calling number to call and then dials another number.

The setup is you would have a cell phone that has a normal subscription to a cell phone company. At home or office you would have a VOIP box setup with an FXO line setup and connected to a land line. Letís call this landline # 888-8888.

So the program in the cell phone makes it easy for the user to dials phone numbers over the VOIP line.

So, in the cell phone there would be an extra menu installed with this program, labeled VOIP. Under the menu there would be a phone book option, but the phone book is not separate from the original one in the phone, it is the same one. The only difference is when a phone number is selected from there the prefix number is dialed first.

The prefix number is stored under the VOIP menu in Options. Under Options the number 888-8888 would be stored.

This is quite confusing, so if the VOIP menu option is used and then the phone book is selected, then a stored number is selected say John 1-719-406-6297.

The first thing that would happen, the phone would first dial 888-8888 and then will wait for the dial tone from the VOIP phone connected at that number, then it will dial 1-719-406-6297 and then add #.

Has anyone heard about something like this?

Its basically a program like using a calling card on your cell phone and you can switch between using your planned min and the calling card.

Thanks so much for your input!!!

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