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    I have just bought a Nokia 6101. On the small display it always displays a fish when the screen is open. Is there away of changing this. I have changed the screensaver and wallpaper... But nuffin happens.

    Any help is appreciated.



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    Re: Nokia 6101 - Mini Screen Fish

    Ohhh.. friggen! I have the same thing! Stupid fish! As far as I can tell, theres no menu funtion to change it, either. It's quite interesting, actually. I know someone else who also has a 6101 too, and the open flip mini display image changes accordingly depending on the theme. No, you still can't choose whatever you want, but at least it's better than the damn fish! The thing that baffles me is why hers changes and mine doesn't. She bought hers a few months ago, so perhaps it has a different firmware version. I also read on a different forum about a guy with a 6101 that he bought outright, and it had an Optus logo in place of our Vodafone fish. Apparantly, after he couldn't change it, he emailed Optus and they told him it was hard wired into the bios. I dunno. It's bizarre. Not cool at all. If anyone has any ideas, please share!

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