Hi Everybody..

I've got two things that bother me a lot about the nokia phones I've have throughout the years. Now I just got a new 6230i and thought I'd give it another try to fix this, so I could finally be totally happy with my phone.

1. I add a lot of words to my dictionary, 'cause I have a bunch of words in my own shortened version. And it bugs the hell out of me when the phone suddenly can't ***** these words again, even though I KNOW I added them before. Does anyone know when the dictionary is reset? Is it like if I take out the battery and leave it for a certain amount of time?

2. The operator logo. I've read a bunch of discussions about this, and I see that's it a general problem. I've even downloaded a blank operator logo, but here comes the stupid part - I can't send it to my phone. It's like the phone wants to recognize it as an operator logo and not just a .nol file. So I've actually got the file on my phone and on my computer, and I can't figure out how to make the phone recognize this, so I can finally see my beautiful background picture. I've got bluetooth as the only way of connecting to the phone.

Can someone help me, please?


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