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    I recently got a used Nokia 3220 from a friend of mine. It's a Rogers phone unlocked for Fido service. So far i like the phone. My only problem to begin with was that I couldn't download rigtones for it because of it being unlocked. I bought the Data Cable and the required software and now I can transfer MIDI ringtones to it. It's working great, but I can't find some MIDI songs that I'm looking for

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    Re: Nokia 3220

    Hey i have to tell you that looking for the midi tones will be a very tough work... although i am not sure abaout your phone being pc connection capable but why dont you try to get either gprs or gsm or wap settings (for your mobile phone internet) from your sim provider.. (if your phone supports web browsing) and do the browsing and download from your phone?? it will cost you but at least you will be able to recieve what you downloaded without worrying about the connection adapter... (btw. you must also activate mms if you're going for mobile internet..) hope i helped.

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    Re: Nokia 3220

    I have NOKIA 3220 I like how my hand set looks,I love lights but I have too much problems,first i had problem with software and after with memory after just 5 or 6 months of using.

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