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    hi friends,Do u the features about the nokia n-series.
    Nokia Nseries range, the Nokia N93 offers uncompromised digital camcorder, telephony and rich internet functionality in a pocketable device.

    Unfold and twist the main display, and the Nokia N93 becomes a camcorder ready to shoot high quality video and photos, with its 3.2 megapixel camera.3x optical (20x digital) zoom and DVD-like video capture the N93 shoots MPEG-4 VGA video at up to 30 frames per second with stereo audio.
    he Nokia N93 offers advanced connectivity and editing options within the phone or you can edit your footage on your PC by transferring the footage and using the bundled copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 to personalise, edit and save your video in regular PC/CE formats.

    nokia_n93 The Twist and Shoot form factor has four modes: imaging mode for capture, view mode for watching your photos and footage, normal open mode for talking and fold closed mode for carrying.okia crammed in all the twist and flip, dedicated buttons, 50MB internal storage and miniSD card lost, that this phone would be a bit of a brick.
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    Re: about N-series

    i have a nokia n91 right now. just got it today but i love it. lolz. my friend was at a nokia presentation and he told me that the n93 was extremely big and bulky. the n91 isn't small but its not as big as the n93. that is the only turn off about the n93. the n91 is my first n series phone but i love it. i'll prolly use this phone for the next 3 years.

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    Re: about N-series

    good looking!!!!!

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    Re: about N-series

    91 screen is bad and processing is slow

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