Hey, i just got one of these Nokia 6233s sent to me, and its pretty straight forward, but there are a few options that i had on my old phone (6230) that id like to have on this new phone;
1. Cell Info Display: I want the area im in to be displayed on the 'desktop', i try to enable it, but it tells me: "Cell Info Not Avalible In This Network" "Select general indicators option to see all standby mode info in active standby"
2. Screensaver Clock: On my old phone, after say 2 minutes of a screensaver (animated GIF) it would switch over to the digital clock, on this it goes to a screensaver, then it will go to a blank screen that has the date and time (very small) up the top, im wondering if this can be made the same way as the Nokia 6230?

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