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    Hey guys.

    Phone - 6340i - unlocked
    Carrier - Cingular GSM w/ GAIT

    Phone has worked fine for years. I made a call at 2pm and then could not make one at 3pm.... I looked at the screen and a message appeared " NO SERVICE". I went to power cycle the phone but it would not turn off in the normal manner. I pulled the battery and put it back in , powered it up... battery strength 100%, and zero SIGNAL strength bars. Dialed "611" for Cingular support - no dial tone or clicks... then the message "Error in System Connection"..

    I accessed Net Monitor and ALL values for the carrier are missing - yup, everything

    Also, all data for phone ownership missing. The SIM still has my phone book info though..

    *#0000# provides the following data :
    Software 8.03.1
    Build date 10-01-03

    *#06# will present the IMEI and ESN...

    ALL netmonitor screens are devoid of carrier-related data.

    *#7780# for reset, initiates call attempt labeled "requesting", it fails of course with a 'No Service" message. Most other codes either do the same or freeze up the phone ( *#786# - Diagnostics, *#639# number reset,etc..all fail)

    Some Netmonitor screen info -

    01-01 Information on the serving cell
    ERR -0 xxx
    x xx x xxxx
    0 0 0

    01-02 More Information on the serving cell
    NO 1 R B0
    0 X
    xxx xx xxx
    M (box with hash through it) xx xx

    01-03 Information on the serving cell, 1st and 2nd neighbour
    ERR 0 -0 0
    x x

    01-04 and 05 (Information on the 3rd, 4th and 5th neighbour
    and Information on the 6th, 7th and 8th neighbour)
    all fields filled with xxxxx's

    01-06 Network selection display

    01-07 System information bist for the serving cell
    E A M C 1 BR
    1 0 0 0 0 01
    EC 2Ter MB 0
    1 0 0

    01-08 Paging repeat period, TMSI, Periodic Location Update, AFC and AGC
    T321: 0/ 0
    PRP : 2

    01-09 Network parameters
    CC:000 NC000
    LAC: 0
    CM : ERR
    CID: 0

    01-10 Ciphering, hopping, DTX status and IMSI
    DTX: OFF

    01-11 Uplink DTX switching display
    DTX (DEF) : ON
    DTX (BS) : MAY

    I can provide additional screen data if needed.

    Cingular CSR’s were absolutely trumped as expected . Message to Nokia may not be processed for many days, if ever.

    I figure I'll need to buy an Mbus cable and reflash the FW along with all the core SSN and Carrier data.

    A bigger issue is finding the FW (v.8.06.1, or at least v8.05.1)..

    Any help on FW would be greatly appreciated via PM or direct email.

    So, that about it - any ideas?

    See More: Nokia 6340i GAIT phone crash - All carrier data lost
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