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    what is the use of push to talk function?

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    Re: what is push to talk?

    Push to talk is used by major carriers such as:Nextel, Sprint, Cingular, and US Cellular and needs to be supported by both the carrier AND phone, this allows you to use your cell phone kind of like a walkie-talkie that uses the cellular towers to contact the person on the other end (who needs to be using the same carrier and also to be subscribed to the service) the feature usually requires a string of numbers to be put into a phone, and will automatically "call" the other person when you push the Push To Talk button, untill you change the person you want it to call (it can also be a group of people) .... some info on push to talk can be found here:
    Push-To-Talk definition (Phone Scoop)
    and also here:
    Push to talk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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