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    I've got this phone and trying to use MP3 and manage my phone book with Diego. I've connected to my phone with my USB data cable off ebay and used Nokia PCsuite succesfully! I can use it as a storage device with the 1GIG MiniSD also off ebay but no MP3 as ringtone. So I looked to Diego after se arcing topics.
    I've downloaded and successfully installed Diego 3.06 thanks to this thread:
    (I cant post a link, please enter http to view)
    but still unable to connect to my phone. Diego keep flashing "No Phone Found". In Diego's help I found "The application won’t connect to my phone and repeatedly displays "LOOKING FOR PHONE" Verify that the cables used to connect the phone to the PC are correct, and that COM1 is selected in the DIEGO application." In Diego I only have COM3, USB and FLS virtual options to connect. Also in Diego's help I found that If I logged in I could change some setting that might help, but I can't log in (I don't have a User ID and password).
    Has anyone encountered this problem and could help me?

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    Re: Telus 6265i and Diego

    pm me your email addy and i will walk you thru it

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