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    I just bought a 6265i yesterday, but I didn't want to pay Telus $40 or whatever for car charger and USB cable.

    I've been looking on eBay and there are lots available there. The car chargers are all really cheap. For the USB cables, there are some cheap ones that just include the cable, and then ones for like $30 that include some software etc. (and they claim that you need this to make the PC recognize your phone).

    So, I have a few questions. Does anyone have any expereince with these types of cables on eBay? Are cheap cables going wreck my phone? Do I need special software, or will any USB cable work.

    If the eBay cables are sketchy, is there a reputable place to buy cables at a reasonable price?


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    Re: 6265i USB cables, car chargers, and n00b questions

    i bought a cable for mine off ebay for 5 dollars(including shipping) and it actually cmae with the softwarre cd and works great...if the cable denst come with a disk dont worry because all it is a is a driver and nokia pc suit which you can download from internet

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    Re: 6265i USB cables, car chargers, and n00b questions

    Likewise - cables and software form ebay - 7.00 GBP - I figured it was worth the risk for such a small amount of money. But all worked perfectly well.


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