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    Hello, I was planning on purchasing a Noia E60 for my son very soon. (He is 17) He wants a small phone that does alot. I have done much research and found that it seems to be a very nice phone with unbeatable features. The only problem is that i dont know anything about phones and am not up to date on tech at all. This phone was released in Oct. of 2005 which makes it about a year old now. Do you think buying a year old phone is dumb? Is this phone outdated or is it still "in" if ya know whay i mean? Thanks for the help guys i really appreciate it.

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    Re: Nokia E60 Help!! (Father Help)

    i have an E62, and am waiting on my Palm 860 (which will be here on monday) because i couldn't find very many programs for it.... also after about 2 weeks it quit automatically recieving my emails (which i had it set to do ever 30 minutes, even though my computer did it fine, and the settings were correct, as i had not ever changed them since the first day) also the earpiece on the ones my significant other and i had were hard to hear.... and they also restart if a website has any errors (such as ebay and yahoo)...

    Over All: Good phone, but could be better.... (for my model, the E62)

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    Re: Nokia E60 Help!! (Father Help)

    It's a nice phone. I'm just wondering what service you will be using this for, because it lacks 850Mhz to use on the Cingular network. So calls in some places might be patchy at best.

    With it being a year old, I wouldn't say that it's outdated. The only people that would consider it outdated are the ones that upgrade their gadgets once it comes out. A good example is the SE W810i, been out for over a year. Yet people in the US are just seeing it recently because it is carried by Cingular.

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