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    My sister brought me the n72, that she purchased for me from Dubai 2 weeks back, yesterday. Ive been waiting to buy it since a very very long time, and I was so happy that she gifted it to me. The thing is, in my message inbox, the sender names do not get displayed. Its only their numbers and not their names. SInce I cant possibly byheart the numbers of all the 189 contacts i have, can you guys help me pleaseeeee???? I have got so many messages and I just cant figure out who sent them, unless I check their numbers and names in my contacts and its really becoming a pain. Is it something to do with the settings?? I really really need your help! And also, even if there are only 20 messages, it says that the message memory is full! I dont know what to do! I cant possibly return it, coz she bought it from Dubai and I stay in Singapore...! And I really dont want to sell it. Can someone please help??

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    Re: Nokia N72...need Help Urgently...please!!!!

    I had a similar situation during an upgrade. It was the way the shop transfered my info from one to another. The numbers on the sim were fine but those in phone memory were de-registered. I had to tranfer from my sim to phone memory (new phone). Put the sim back in the old phone and transfer from the phone to the sim - then back into my new phone.


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