I just got a 6822 from ebay. It was originally programmed to the Orange(UK) mobile network, then unlocked. However, the settings stayed. Now, I'm connected to T-Mobile(US) and trying to get it so I can go on AIM or ICQ.

I called T-Mobile to get it straightened out, and they said that's a thing to call Nokia about. I called Nokia, and they told me that it's through T-Mobile.

I don't have an "instant message" option on my main menu, but I have one under the messages menu. I tried logging on that way, but that didn't work. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do? I'd like to get a programme where I can IM people and it would be billed like a text message, not like I'm using my mobile internet (however, I'd be willing to pay a few cents of bandwith to download a programme).

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