I'm a power user - I like my devices to do what I want, when I want them to, how I want it, with as little bloat as possible. I'm very computer literate, having had experience with linux/windows and a variety of applications and having build and maintained four computers. I dislike any DRM, "protected" system files that I can't change, and proprietary formats (anything Sony, the Nokia cellphone connector (why not just use a universal USB connector?!?!), the .wma format, 128kbps only drm stricken itunes downloads, my menus on the cell phone being loaded with ads, etc.) . Needless to say, my experiences with bottom of the line cell-phones have not lived up to my standards, but I've learned to live with them. [/rant]

I had a cingular phone before this Nokia, and the main screen wallpaper would "show through" to the menu screens. The Nokia's wallpaper for menu screens (like the main menu and settings menu) seems to be controlled by the theme - as such, I have a rather dark and serious image for my wallpaper, but nice, fluffy, white clouds against a blue sky show up as the background for my menu - they're quite out of place lol. I've downloaded Nokia's Theme Studio, but before I spend alot of time learning it:

Is there an easier way to do this???? All I want is to change the image that appears in the background on my menus.

David Migl

P.S. any other tips on "taking control??" I'd love to be able to do things like:
-change the animated icons into something more performance oriented
-get my menu to come up in less than a second
-be able to change font sizes and change text spacing (the current spacing is huge and is a horrible waste of screen space)
-remove the annoying "Shop applications," "shop games," etc. links (Nokia, you get enough of my money already lol!)
-increase the quality of the camera (doubt that is going to happen lol) or at least be able to tell the phone to use less compression!
-voice recorder (ok maybe that is a bit far fetched)

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