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    Well recently I accuired my new Nokia N73 phone. The phone is great but I have a problem with text messaging.

    When I choose to send a text for the first time it asked me for a "Message Centre Number" not knowing what this was just placed the number 0 and selected ok. I realised that my texts were not being sent because when I looked under "Sent Messages" nothing appeared. Instead I found all my messages in my "Outbox".

    I then edited the "Message Center Number" to be my mobile phone number thinking that would solve the problem, it didnt. I then deleted the "Message Center" all together thinking that would solve the problems. Wrong. When I tried to send a text message without a "Message Center" it automatically created one and asked for me to input a number.

    If it makes any difference I am with Optus in Australia.

    So I would appreciate if someone could explain to me what the "Message Center" actually does. What number I need to place as the "Message Center Number". Lastly, will fixing this make sure my texts actually get sent as opposed to being placed in the "Outbox" and never actually sending because it constantly fails to do so.

    Thanks to anyone who is able to help me with this problem/s.

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    Re: Nokia N73 Messaging Problems

    The "Message Center" number you need is the phone number where your texts are sent through, just call your service provider and tell them you need the mms and sms settings sent to your phone and it should work fine afterwards
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