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    Check out Nokia's new Nokia 7373 Special Edition Designed by Giambattista Valli. That old Apple iPhone's got nothing on this baby ...

    Nokia 7373 Special Edition Designed by Giambattista Valli - Mobiledia

    See More: Nokia Beats iPhone to the Market

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    Re: Nokia Beats iPhone to the Market

    Well, that depends if the individual is looking for more fashion phone than anything else, then the 7373 (as well as its predecessor, the 7370) would be an ideal fit if someone wants an offering other than the 8800/8801. However, it is just a feature phone compared to Apple's iPhone and its OS X.

    I don't want to say smartphone for Apple's recent product, because I have read that it doesn't support 3rd party applications...mainly proprietary (for the moment). A few of the people who have had the prototypes also stated this issue. I think the iPhone will carry alot of interest with the gadget geeks, phone collectors, and trend setting youths. But I don't think it will be a big hit with business consumers looking for it to be their primary phone for work. It's impractical...it doesn't have a keypad (at least a 10-key would've been nice), for one thing. And the styling leads you to believe that you can't be as rough in handling it as opposed to other PDA/smartphones. For all it's offering, I was initially surprised that the iPhone wasn't 3G enabled.

    Whether opinions are good or bad on the iPhone, one thing I can say is that it stimulates growth in the cell phone industry to come out with more advanced technology for handsets...hoping that they would be approved by the FCC. We are still years away from Japan's handsets...what they have are amazing.
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    Re: Nokia Beats iPhone to the Market

    iPhone (like iPod) has been a lot of marketing, but objectively it features aren't impressive (a lot of Nokia, SonyEricsson and LG phones have much more features and they are more practical too)

    The fact that iPhone doesn't support 3rd party applications it will be fall down, compared with Nokia Nseries, for example...

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