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    hey guys, new to the forum, i just got the nokia 5300 from rogers and i have some questions about things i cant figure out in the manual and by myself, your help would be very appreciated.

    1. On the top left corner of the screen it says rogers, and i can't seem to find out how i could change that to my name, is that even possible?

    2. The dedicated keys for the music player don't seem to work, when i press play the radio will come on instead of the music player, and the right and left keys don't even change the radio chanel. Is that normal?

    3. Is there anyway to play music on the phone and go to the menu at the same time and brows the menu or watever?

    4. How do you apply a theme, can anyone explain? and where could i find theme?

    5. How would i put videos from my computer on it, i say the video program on the software CD is came with but the program only seems to play videos.

    6. Can i use my own mp3's as a ringtone, i think there is a way to do this, but every time i'll go to the song and options and try to chose use song is says "file too large" is there a way i can convert my mp3s to ringtone format, if so could you give me the program name that could do that?

    Well thats all the questions I can currently think of, if anyone knows the answer to any of theme, it would be very appreciated, thx guys

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    Re: Nokia 5300 Questions

    1. Idk. Not sure if you can.

    2. I have had my phone one day. Haven't totally gotten the hang of it...but use the bottom 4 buttons instead of the side buttons when the slider is closed does change the FM channel.

    3. idk.

    4. Go to config, display, themes.

    5. idk. Haven't messed with this.

    6. Hmm...I have set several normal mp3's (~4mb)with no problems. I have also set them as caller id rings too.

    Sorry I don't have all the answers, but I figured I could answer what I have personally figured out. This is my way of giving back to the community.


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