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    i dont really know much about cell phones but im looking to get a new one and im thinking about the 6682 and the 5300. i basically want a solid phone with a good camera and an mp3 player. are the mp3 players on these phones easy to use? about how many songs do they hold? right now im leaning toward the 6682 because i prefer bar style phones but any opinions or would be appriciated.

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    Re: getting new phone looking at 6682 and 5300

    If you're into music, you're better off with the 5300 because that's what it's geared for. The 6682 is a smartphone. That means it can run 3rd party applications. However, the OS that it runs on is called Symbian. Nice OS, but it does lag when cross navigating through menus, send text messages, and such. This might annoy you.

    The amount of songs that they hold depends on the memory that each hold. It also depends on the capacity of the memory cards if you wish to purchase one.

    Since you said that you just want a solid phone, go for the 5300...sturdy, quick response, and a decent MP3 player.
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