The story of my nokia 6800

I opened my brand new nokia 6800 box, setup the phone, and started using it. Immediately I noticed a problem. The ear speaker buzzed when I made calls. I used the phone for 3 days.

I sent it in early 2006, twice, for the same problem. It was brand new, and did not work right. The second time I sent it in, I never got it back. Now please keep in mind one VERY important fact. I paid for this phone. I did NOT get it for free or at discount by renewing a contract. I Paid for the 6800.

I went round and round with support for months on end. Eventually they stopped responding. They had my new phone, I had nothing.

Well, last week I talked to executive resolutions (after I emailed every executive I could find on their website), and I was told I would be sent a new phone. We agreed on a nokia 6101 (though the 6103 is the current model for tmobile), and I figured we had finally taken care of things.

Today I got a package. It was a used (refurb) nokia 6101 in a zip-lock plastic bag. No new phone... no box, no manual, NO BATTERY OR BATTERY COVER, no charger. They did send a car charger (what if I dont own a car?). I cant even use the phone.

I called resolutions again (now that I have dealt with Mike, Jessica, Milton, Charlie, Lucy.... ect)... and I was told I cant get a new phone. Well I'm sorry but I was told NEW PHONE, and my 6800 was a NEW PHONE.

They make the phones! How is it the manufacturer cant send me a new phone?

I thought this nightmare was finally over, but I see its not. I see now that I have to start mailing letters to every corporate office I can, until someone deals with this.

a single customer just doesnt matter anymore!

If you have a story about your experience with Nokia support, feel free to share.

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