I recently purchased and now am using my new Nokia E92, I got it for its reputation and great Blackberry support. I am very happy with the phone so far.

I have one BIG issue though, I got a docking station charge/cradle for it. I put it on the charger, it says on the screen. "Charging" then around 5-30 seconds later it beeps and then says... "Not Charging" and just sits there in that mode, not charging. I have tried to leave it on the cradle to see if it might actually get a charge, but no, it actually uses the battery over the day as if it was sitting on the desk and not plugged in. BUT, it *IS* plugged in, even turns on the little light that indicates it is getting powe on the dock, but the phone ignores the fact that it is plugged in.

It seems odd, since it DOES reconize that it starts to charge, but then flips into some mode where it now doesn't reconize that it is on the power plug. I've tried to turn it off, reboot it, etc, etc... can't figure out what might be causing it to switch modes back to 'not charging' with in that small amount of time. :|

Anyone have a clue, or have had this problem?

Derek C.

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