Hello Everyone,

I have a Nokia 6230 that i used to regularly use n a daily basis. Since then i have had used other phones and have gotton a new sim card. I tried to go back to using my Nokia 6230 (with my new sim card) and everytime i turn on the phone, a screen shows up tat says "Phone restricted" (with a stop sign) and asks for a restriction code. I called AT&T/Cingular to ask for the original code and they gave it to me, i tried it, it didnt work. They also suggested typing in the wrong number 10 times to see if the phone then asks for the PUK Code or any other code, i tired that, it didnt work. The coustomer service person said that the original restriction code had been changed (i dont remember doing that).

Does anyone have any suggestions at all. I am completely lost. PLEASE HELP!!


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