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    I want to buy Nokia 6300 and my confusions (excluding battery time issues) can only be removed by existing 6300 users; so here go the questions:

    1. I have heard that the sound quality through the ear piece (i.e the phone's normal speaker used while talking) is not that good, is it true ?? if true, how bad is it e.g distortion etc. what is the issue?

    2. The phone gets really really hot after only approx. 3 or 4 minutes of talking; and after this amount of time the sound quality gets even worse and continues to be that way until the end of the call. Is it true?? any comments regarding these?

    Detailed comments from existing 6300 users will really be helpful. Thanx !!

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    Re: 6300: Some questions, Please help !!

    the only time you should have the problems you list is if you have a defective phone.

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