Don't laugh, I am currently using the nokia 8390 and honestly I LOVE IT! - It fell at least 400 times in the past 2 years, and it is still working almost perfectly, almost perfectly because I noticed, since a few days ago, that it turns off by itself ... well that's why I am here .... I believe it's time for a change.

I love this phone because:
1) it's super tiny
2) It can store up 100 text messages and more.
3) I can save information under new folders I create in the "messages" section.
4) super easy to use.
5) Great calendar
6) Nice, plain ring

Anyway, I believe this is alreasy a Dinosaur of a phone, I see super nice new phones with colored screens and cameras .... and honestly I believe that it's time to catch up with technology.

I am looking for a Nokia like what I have, super tiny etc .... (see above ) any suggestion? What's the current smallest phone?

I tried the Motorola L6 and honestly, it's a beautiful phone but it STINKS!!! I couldn't store any information, the calendar was not easy to use.... I just didn't like it ... nice games though

Please please help thaaannnkkssss!!!

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