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    Hey i have just purchased my first nokia in about 4 years and im lost as to how to use my 5300 series.....

    Bascically im really lost as how to put ring tones on it from my PC ...I have data cable and all but am having trouble gettin music on as ringtones any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Nokia 5300 help

    Well, are you trying to get the beginning of the song or a short clip in the middle? It can do the beginning without any problems, but you'll have to cut out any clips in the middle to use them. There are several ways to do this. I use iTunes to cut them to the desired length and convert it to the shorter clip. Once that's done, you should just be able to transfer the files to the memory card while the phone is in data storage mode. Windows Move maker can be used to shorten the clips as well, but it's more difficult to use

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    Re: Nokia 5300 help

    Load Music or sound clip (mp3 format) in you mobile phone via cable or others. And select it as ring tone.

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