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    I have a cingular/AT&T gophone sim card in my current nokia 6030 right now. If I buy an unlocked Nokia N80ie, and put my sim card into it, will the phone and all its features work correctly?

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    Re: Transfering GoPhone sim into a Nokia N80 - will it work?

    It's my understanding that sim cards are universal with gophones. My experience is that I had a cheap basic Motorola gophone and upgraded to a Nokia 2610 (not expensive but I can check email with this phone, unlike the Motorola), anyway my daughter told me that instead of getting a new number and buying more time (since I had existing time already on the Motorola) just to take the sim card out of the Motorola and put it in the Nokia. I did and it works like a charm, it kept my existing address book and the time I had left from the last time I bought minutes.

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