I have a nokia 6315i "v cast" music phone. I took it to the local verizon store not more than an hour ago to see if to ask them to help me with a setting. My phone lets out a string of small beeps every time is goes in or out of service (which, for me, is often) it's an extremely annoying sound and very disruptive in a quiet setting. The only way to stop the noise is by turning all sounds on the phone off, which isn't particularly convenient at all. when i took the phone into the store the guy there played around with it for a few minutes and claimed he "re-programmed it" and that it "shouldn't do that anymore" of course I didn't know for sure since I had perfect service in the store. But of course when I got home the beeping continued.

I've tried turning all service alerts of any kind on the phone off in the settings but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to stop this??

thank you.

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