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    Hey guys sorry to beat this Diego stuff down with a stick but when I go to try to install Diego I keep getting and error message "1: Failed to install ISKernel Files. Make sure u have appropriate privledges on this machine." I am the admin on my machine so I don't get it. Any suggestions?? Thanks is advance

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    Re: 6265i Diego Problem!

    There's a few things you can do that might help..

    Make a new user that's an admin for the install...

    Unlock the Administrator account using a regedit


    Turn off Simple File Sharing (In a Folder; Tools > Folder Options > Views > scroll to bottom > Enable Simple File Sharing)

    This'll allow you to change the security settings associated with your user, so, goto My Computer, right click on C: or where ever the install will be, Sharing and Security, click the Security Tab and set all the users/groups to have Full Control on Allow and this should allow you to install it...

    If not, well then I guess yur on yur own =P lol

    Hope this helped...

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