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    Somehow I managed to crack the screen on my 6260, which now shows nothing at all, xcept wether or not the backlight is on. I have already gotten a new phone, however there are a few things (contacts mostly) which I need to retrieve from my old phone if possible.

    Unfortunately i lost my usb-cable when i moved here, and my gf's one (she had a 6680, and used the same cable-type) appears to not give a connection, although that could also be a setting on the phone. Windows however, does not recognize anything, not even an unknown device (phone device drivers and the pc suite are installed).

    Most obvious remaining option to me would seem to transfer it through bluetooth, as bluetooth is completely setup. However unfortunately it was turned off at the time of the screen cracking, and bt visibility might also have been off. If anyone has a 6260, and could print here the keys i need to press (9 down, press ok, press ok, press ok etc...) to move through the menu's and toggle bt (and maybe visibility), it would help me greatly.

    Any alternative method of retrieving the data would also be appreciated.

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    Re: 6260 Menu

    Hm.... I don't know how you could figure it out. Sorry, but I can't help

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